We like to spend a lot of money on our delicate possessions, so why not keep them safe in an aesthetically pleasing way? There are so many advantages of having a jewellery organiser. Makes your life so much easier when getting ready, great way to showcase your collection, whatsmore, a great addition to a themed room.  Here’s a few tips to spruce up your jewellery collection in your room.

The classic jewellery box will always be a firm favourite on millions of dressing tables. For a modern twist, clear glass boxes are a subtle yet tasteful approach to show off your love of jewellery. This design is perfect for storing   your  favourite Polly and Bella accessories.

Why not be innovative and make the most out of the space in your room. Wall hangings are ideal for decluttering your desk and leaves your necklaces tangle free. This structure here acts as a three in one as it supports bracelets/watches, shelves any decorations and lastly, dangles your necklaces and earrings. A great idea to jazz up                                                             your space.

Ring holders are an adorable detail. Making you look organised and bring personality to any boring shelf. These small stackers are very on trend at the moment, making it so easy to get your hands on one that suits you.

Let us know below your way of organising jewellery.