Accessories can be a complimentary addition to any outfit, but its the way you accessorize the accessory, that will make it the focal point or just another subtle touch. Your attention to detail will always be appreciated, by another fellow fashion lover. These small finishes to your accessories are extremely easy to do, and make a whole stylish change to your look.

Plain black leather bags always come in handy as they go with everything. However, they sometimes tend to not bring excitement, to your outfit. That’s where these stylish printed silk scarfs come in. So versatile to wrap around your bag strap, or even your neck or used as a hair accessory. If you’re planning a shopping day in London anytime soon, perhaps take a browse inside Liberty London for some gorgeous designer silk scarf to tie around your beloved bag.


Belts were previously known for securing jeans and being a safety accessory rather than being shown off. They have had a comeback and are now as popular as ever. With so many styles and techniques to wear them, the possibilities are endless. From a classic belt tie to a loosened diamante belt, we’re curious as to what your preferred style is.


Hair accessories are another great one to play about with. Why wear one hairpin, when you can have seven? A bundle of our Stella and Holly hairpins styled together look fantastic! You can never have too much bling. They look and sit incredible in braided hairstyles. Whether that be, a long side braid, a braided updo or even just a messy bun. Remember our hairpins and earrings are available in our new gold shade!


Although our stunning Polly & Bella statement earrings are breath-taking on their own, there is nothing wrong with a bit of dainty hand jewellery. Ring Stacking is another great trend we are currently loving. This accessory stacking allows you to showcase your individuality and looks simply gorgeous for any occasion. You can never wear too many sparkles.