Denim jackets have always been our trusty statement piece. With so much design variation now, Denim jackets are the perfect layer for any of your outfits. This style is associated with the youth market. These types of clothing can be customised pieces with a fusion of quirky graphic influences. Additional details on the outfits can be hand-rendered graphics, overlaid embroidery and placement prints to add to the overall fresh looking aesthetic.
Heavily washed and bleached denim are a popular choice.

This trend does not necessarily come from catwalk couture or any designer. The influences are a fusion of lifestyles and youth culture tribes from the American west coast.
Surfing and skate are big activities in American west coast. Therefore, the tribe will mix up surf, skate, hip hop and sports brands to achieve their own expression.

Designers are not responsible for this as it is more about the public’s unique take on street fashion. This is an individual style. It is a look created by the individual in order to fit into a subculture.

The classic blue denim jacket is a clothing piece everyone usually owns in their wardrobe. We are loving these quirky designs from Asos and Levi’s. The Iden Denim oversized trucker jacket, with shadow detail co-ord with organic and recycled cotton, paired with red leather bag and red lipstick will give you that casual day glam look.   The Levi’s ‘Made & Crafted Bolarao Trucker Jacket’ gives that artistic ruffled look, to your outfit.



Bright and pastel denim co-ords have recently been a popular trend. Moving away from classic blue denim to achieve this on trend wowing look. This style is often wore out on a night out for a classy, yet comfortable look. Style with our set of ‘Holly’ hairpins to be the ultimate style guru this summer.


Why not go that extra step and opt for a patterned denim coat. These can be paired as part of a co-ord or on their own. Light weight to keep you warm and show off the print the whole night. What will your summer style be?