As Coachella sadly leaves us for another year, the festival season is only just beginning. Coachella 2019 was filled with striking accessories, so why not glam up for your upcoming festivals? Give flower crowns a miss this year, our lush hairbands and hair pins are the perfect way to compliment your wellies.
Our beautiful, jewelled elasticated hairbands comfortably fit for a long period of time. There are multiple ways of styling these bands. Easy for re-wearing each festival day.
Our ‘Yuya’ hairbands are the statement piece you are missing. The selection of colours include Midnight, Denim and Starlight to go with every outfit. Denim has always been a popular choice for festival attire. Break the rules this summer and make a double denim statement with our Yuya Denim hairband and a blue denim jacket

Fancy a more quirky look? ‘Dani’ sparkling in the sunlight will stand you out from the crowd. Made from Swarovski crystals, this tasteful style will always be one of a kind.




Polly & Bella hairpins can keep your hair tucked back and stylish on a sunny day. Small enough to coordinate with any of your preferred hairstyles. Hair clips are an extremely popular trend and goes hand in hand with slicked back hair. Try a mix n match look with our Holly and Stella pins to show your own personality.