Freshen up Your Wedding Look with These Accessories

Every bride wants to look amazing and beautiful on her wedding day. Even more so if you are getting married around the same time as your peers, you want to find a way to stand out from everyone else. And the best way to take your wedding look to the next level is to accessorize well. But with accessories, it’s all too easy to go too far, or to simply miss-match it with the rest of the outfit. To make sure that doesn’t happen, here is a step-by-step guide to accessorizing your wedding dress.


The first thing you want to decide is whether or not you even need a necklace, and this will mostly depend on your dresses neckline.   A classic sweetheart neckline with lots of detail or a strapless dress serves to give you a beautiful line, and you really don’t need anything extra. But if you really want to wear something around your neck, go for a dainty pendant or a lace choker. If you want to wear more of a statement piece, you can choose a V-neck dress. A great, unique alternative is wearing a back-facing necklace or a body chain with a backless dress. Back detail is prominent in all Couture Wedding design this season.



The ultimate bridal accessory: the veil. Brides today often opt to style without a veil – but there is a certain fairy tale charm to the sheer train falling over your shoulders. That said there are other options! Consider a birdcage veil for a retro/vintage look, a sparkling tiara to show everyone you are a princess or an elegant decorative comb to finish off your hairstyle and make a statement? There are so many options that you will certainly find something you like and that will make you feel extra special on the day.


Rule number one: be comfortable. You’re going to be in your bridal look for the entire day, and you don’t want to be wobbling clumsily in heels or walking on blisters. This means that your shoes need to fit properly and be comfortable. If you are wearing a classic white dress, you can add some drama by wearing colourful shoes –and converse are a popular style today, plain or embellished! – but if you are in a traditional ivory dress, you can opt for a a beautiful pair of embellished shoes such as Badgley Mischka Shoes in a matching shade for a classic, timeless look. When you get your shoes, you should try wearing them for a while around the house to break them in and make sure they fit well.

Source: modwedding

Dress accessories

Whether it’s actually cold outside, or you just want something to add more texture and color to your outfit, a coat or shawl can do wonders for you. You don’t have to wear it during the actual ceremony if you want your dress to stand out, but you can also keep it on! Go for satin, faux fur or silk – whatever feels good on your skin and goes well with the dress. You can also add a sash or a belt, even if your dress doesn’t originally come with one. Make it your own and shape it however you want according to your body.


Think a classic French manicure is the only option you have? Think again! Having an elegant nail design is a very simple way to add some colour and personality to your outfit, without making it too extra. You can also accessorize your nails with beads, rhinestones and pearls. Make it personal by writing out your names or good wishes onto your nails, like a little secret only you know about.


However you choose to decorate your dress and your look, make sure you feel good in it. When you look back on the day, you won’t care about whether the earrings are the exact perfect length, but you will remember if you felt uncomfortable in an itchy necklace. Close your eyes and imagine the perfect look you can see yourself in, then try to get as close to that as you can, and you will be on your way to looking and feeling like the most beautiful bride in the world.