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Fun Ways to Create the Perfect Wedding Memories


As we all know, the wedding day is one of the most exciting and memorable days in one’s life. It comes with lots of preparation – choosing the right venue, wedding band, cake, dress, etc., but it also comes with many memories you will want to cherish for the rest of your life. To make sure these memories don’t fade too quickly, here are some fun and easy ways to create them.

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Preserve your floral decoration

This has become quite a common practice, and you don’t even need the entire bouquet for it. It’s enough to keep a part of it, which you can then frame, or glue to your jewellery box. You can also preserve it with epoxy resin and use as a table decoration that can serve as a beautiful reminder of your special day. If you like the idea but you don’t think your flowers could survive the preservation methods, consider hiring a painter to paint your flowers on a canvas so you can simply hang the picture in your home. True, it’s far from the real thing, but you’d still have the memory.

Give out personalised wedding gifts

If you want your loved ones to remember this important day as clearly as you will, consider making them personalised wedding gifts for attending. Depending on your budget, it can be a champagne bottle with your wedding photo printed on it, a jewellery box with your wedding flowers, a thank you note with a picture of your wedding venue on it, or a couple of handmade ornaments made of leftover paper decorations. It’s a great way to show your appreciation for their support, and they will definitely talk about your wedding for a long time.


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Organise a bridal photo shoot

For more inspirational bridal photos, think about gathering your bridal party and organising a themed photo shoot where you can play a little dress-up and wear bright colours, masks and costumes. You should also do something fun like standing in a certain way to create different shapes or playing with perspectives to make one person look like they can fit in the hand of the other. You will surely enjoy looking at such creative photos even long after your wedding.

Make wedding albums and videos

If you’re looking for something more digital and easier to share, you can make a wedding album that you can save on a memory disc or cloud. Collect all of your favourite wedding photos, add the wedding videos, write down your comments and impressions of the day, and don’t forget to include your wedding songs so you and your loved ones can enjoy the full experience whenever you want. Plus, by saving everything this way, you will be able to share that happy day with your future kids as well.

Create a wedding canvas

If you’re into art and games, you can print a large canvas of you and your significant other, make a puzzle out of it and send out your wedding invitations together with one piece of the puzzle. Your guests can sign each piece and put the puzzle together when they arrive, so you can frame the canvas after the wedding and hang it in your home.

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Come up with a wedding playlist or scent

Memories are not only about what you can see but also about what you can hear and smell. Put together a playlist of the most memorable songs played at the wedding, like the one that marked your first wedding dance, the one you walked down the aisle to, or the last song of the evening. When it comes to the scents, save a bottle of your perfume such as Miss Dior or create a scented candle that will carry the signature scent of your wedding.

We all want to remember our wedding day for as long as possible. Unfortunately, our memories tend to fade with age, so if you really want to create memories that will last forever, besides using the traditional methods, consider some of the above-mentioned mementoes that are quite unique but just as durable. This way, your memories will be undamaged by time, and you will be able to show your future generations much more than just photos and videos.