Hopefully by now, you have realised that our website has a completely different look! Polly & Bella accessories are not only for Weddings but also high fashion! The latest trend that everyone has been obsessing about, is hair accessories. Therefore, it was only fair to launch our newest ‘ Starlight’ collection with a modern, high fashion shoot.

Our dream team for creating the stunning end products of this exciting shoot, was Simon Powell photography, Sophie Moore makeup and our gorgeous model, Esmeralda. We knew from the beginning that we would like to showcase our jewelled accessories in a natural, clean look, therefore, only wanted to work with the best. Simon for his artistic view, Sophie for her talent of bringing out her clients’ exquisite features and Esmeralda for her striking beauty. We couldn’t have done it without them!

A simple grey background and plain v line top was an obvious choice to draw the focus in on our stunning accessories. Taking advantage of all angles, to show you the intricate detail of each Swarovski piece. For Esmeralda’s makeup we kept it as natural as possible. Neutral brown smokes for eyes, black winged eyeliner, fluffy brows and a nude lip. Esmeralda’s hairstyle was mostly kept in a slick, middle parting low pony but sometimes back combed or let down for more of our edgier styled accessories.

Not only did we put together headshots but also some quirky, creative images to provide some inspiration on how you can mix and match, our Polly & Bella accessories. We are so proud of our shoot and we hope you are too. Make sure to check out our Instagram ‘@pollyandbella’ for some behind the scenes footage of our shoot!