The most unexpecting summer trend is about to hit us. ” Dad shirts” otherwise known as ‘ Boxy shirts’, will be the summer obsession everyone will be wearing. The boxy shirt is a versatile shirt that can be worn on weekdays and for your fancy weekend plans. The shirt has an loose shape, yet is flattering on all body shapes and sizes. Each shirt designed different, to adhere to your style. Here is a selection of high-end boxy shirts featured in Vogue.

Bold patterns aren’t everyone’s forte, especially on these styles of shirts. However, Vogue has featured a few very different prints to help change your mind. From vibrant bandana print silk-crepe by ‘Alexander Wang’, to Daisy print and polkadot by ‘’ and ‘’ . There is something for everyone.


Boxy shirts can be the statement piece with or without the patterned print. A solid colour sometimes works best. The plain black viscose shirt from ‘’ will go with anything. Giving you the choice to pair with any type of accessory. What makes these two fluroscent shirts unique is the crinkled texture, both from NET-A-PORTER.

Accessories are a great way to put your own spin on this style. For a funkier look, try wearing a long sleeve sheer top or bodysuit underneath the loose shirt. The sleeves can either be patterned or plain. An edgier look can be achieved by wearing black leather trousers and silver belt chains. Of course no look is finished without a cute mini bag, black oversized hair scarf and our popular ‘Eva’ earrings.