There has been a big push for us consumers to buy sustainable products, however, it seems that many are not enthusiastic with this idea. A recent survey revealed that only 10% of consumers, were willing to buy fair trade products. The lack of knowledge of sustainable and ethical issues is having a detrimental impact on our environment. We have to re-consider and think about the consequences that our purchases will have on the environment. We like to think we have a positive impact on the environment, when in reality, the ignorance of our buying habits and not thinking about the detrimental impact of how the fumes from the factories are killing the environment. Fast fashion is definitely becoming out of hand. We have a bad purchase habitat of only wearing clothing a couple of times, before it becomes unfashionable.

In conclusion, we can cut down on this waste by watching our buying habits or perhaps donate any unwanted items to charities. Make an effort to buy fair trade products as it is for an extremely worthwhile cause. Charity shops such as Cancer research and British Heart foundation are not just visited by the elderly, but also Millennials wanting to add an edge to their look. A long term solution must be sought by fashion businesses to counter the negative impacts of these micro plastics. This could be resolved by using eco friendly sustainable sourced materials. However, this will take some time as fashion businesses are very set on their business models.

Vintage kilo sales are a big hit with youngsters. This is where the public have a chance to grab one of a kind vintage pieces whilst only charged a minimum price per kilo. Artistic students are a major target market and will always find a way to make vintage rags, look brand new.



Going vintage shopping is an exciting experience. You never know the bargain you will get on those one of a kind, hidden gems. From vintage designer items, to items with a mesmerising story behind them, these purchases are a step further to a healthier future. Pictured above, Pandora Sykes found the Vintage Gucci blazer and balloon-sleeved Aran knit cardigan from Portobello market, vintage YSL dress from Vestiaire. It just goes to show, that you can still look stylish in vintage clothing, for a fraction of the price. For an even more stylish approach, modern day jewels will always be the way to go. Our ‘ Liza’ would be simply stunning paired with Pandora’s pearl embellished beret and Marzia Midnight with her vintage blush cardi.