Neon colours

Browse around the highstreet today, you would think we had stepped back in time to the 90s! Neon clothing has made a comeback and finding a home in our wardrobes. Too bright for you? Try pairing this with denim jeans, belt and statement earrings to make a comfortable yet cutesy look. Neon items are being seen on celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Instagram influencers who put their own spin on it. As neon is en vogue at the moment, items can be found on Asos and Selfridges.

Image: Asos



A new millennial trend ‘layering’. Exactly as it sounds, a long sleeve top over a body suit, dress or tshirt over the top. A great hack for the cold weather. Fashionable and warm! Layering is your own unique style. Mix and match with your wardrobe to create a new trendy look.


Funky Bags

Other than hair accessories, the next best detail to an outfit is a colourful, funky bag! Having an eye catching bag is a great little addition to photos and it makes it easier to pose.


Hair slides

Simone Rocha’s placement of her hair sliders has really been a hit in the fashion industry, making it hard to miss on our social media. Fashion bloggers have adapted this style and use clasps or kirbys as a cheaper alternative. Similar hair slides can be seen on our website.