Wearing a tiara has been undoubtedly, a prerequisite for many, many special occasions such as weddings, proms, red carpet events and even Christmas parties.  It’s a headpiece adored by celebrities, women and teenagers that want to stand out and feel like a Princess or Royalty.

  adrianna close up

The Twinkle Twinkle Tiara collection designs range from mixed crystals and pearls to just crystals, contemporary shapes to vintage elegance and glamour, just like our adored movie stars of days gone by.

Inspirational designs from our collection that are proving popular from brides to Prom queens…………

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Our Tiffany Bow represents a quieter, more minimal but still elegant and luxurious style as it is all covered in Austrian crystals.  You can always ask us to suggest matching items you would also like, like earrings.


Whatever your style, there  is always a tiara to suit your own style and make you feel special. Why don’t you check our new tiara collection on our Facebook page, your perfect  timeless headpiece is waiting.