Everyone loves a good wedding but when it comes to finding the perfect outfit, there are many things to consider, don’t fear, we got you on this….

Don’t wear white!

Whether it’s a shorter gown, off white, the bride has said it’s fine….it’s still a no! White is only to be worn by one person on that day and unless you are the bride, we’re afraid to say it’s back to the drawing board! With so many gorgeous colours and shades to wear, step away from the white with some of these gorgeous gowns:

Check the weather…as much as you can!

Try and work out what the weather should be doing and plan for every eventuality, because as we all know, just because it’s August, doesn’t mean the good old british rain won’t make an appearance. Take a look at some of these wedding guest outfits to cover all seasons.

Be comfortable!

A wedding is an ALL day event, not just a night out so consider this when it comes to footwear – nothing will ruin your look more than limping round in shoes which are causing you pain, that and also it will ruin your day! We take a little look at some gorgeous shoes, perfect for style and comfort, meaning you can dance well into the night in pleasure!

Consider the venue!

Turning up to a beach wedding in your favourite pair of heels may not be the best idea, look at the venue before hand and plan ahead, this may mean googling the venue to get a better idea of what to expect! Better to be prepared we say!


It’s a wedding after all, it’s much more than a night out so take a look at accessories which celebrate the special occasion, take a look at our gorgeous Starlight Collection currently available now…