Yves Saint Laurent’s catwalk at Paris fashion last week, proved to be a big hit with fashion lovers. A running theme of a killer black sparkle. Although this collection is gorgeous, we feel an outfit is never complete without a touch of sparkle. In this case slipping on these accessories from our new Starlight collection will brighten up the look and put the glam in your night. Our new collection is now available to buy in our online shop!

Our ‘Holly’ slides paired with this Yves Saint Laurent look are perfect for that small extra touch of class.



Our ‘Celeste Starlight’ headband is guaranteed to steal the limelight. Our Celeste headband comes in two other colours such as ‘midnight’ and ‘shade’.



Although a powerful outfit, ‘Marzia Midnight’ goes too well with this YSL piece. Marzia is also available in ‘shade’ ‘springtime’ and ‘starlight’ .



A sleek back hairstyle is perfect for showing off these beauties. This dainty yet detailed accessory is the perfect way for pulling this sleek style together. ‘Liza’ or the longer style, ‘Eva’ are unmissable.